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  • My approach

    I work with founders, leaders and teams who view continuous self-improvement as critical to success.
    My years as a leader and advisor at high-growth startups help me quickly understand the challenges you’re facing and the type of support you need.
    I can help you become a better leader, resolve interpersonal conflicts, reduce stress and achieve a work/life balance that’s right for you. Together, we can explore what matters to you most, design goals that align with those values, and create accountability structures to ensure your success. And along the way, we’ll eliminate any blindspots holding you back.


    My experience

    • Growth Marketing VP at two VC-backed startups [1 acquired, 1 valued at $1B+]
    • Coached & advised 50+ companies on growth, conscious leadership and team dynamics
    • Built 4 teams from the ground up, helped build many more
    • Spent 10+ years working with founders of startups & small businesses
    • Advisor & mentor to Y Combinator, First Round Capital and TechStars companies
    • Work with non-profit leaders pro bono
    • BA in Psychology from UCLA
    • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC from Coaches Training Institute)
    • Well-versed in Conscious Leadership Group, Landmark, others 
    • Always reading on leadership, culture, cognitive processes, & happiness.
    See my LinkedIn for more detail.


  • Testimonials

    During the course of coaching, my clients have: sold businesses, launched new companies, raised millions in venture money, solved co-founder disputes, fired co-founders empathetically, committed to eating vegetarian for a year, overcome fear of running board meetings, gotten promotions and raises, become better spouses, become better parents, trained for a marathon.


    Here’s what a few of them had to say...

    Lydia Gilbert


    @ Dia&Co

    Working with Aaron has been incredibly valuable to me and to Dia&Co. From the early days, he's supported us with team building, goal setting, strategic advice, and laying a foundation for growth.


    I value him as a sounding board and thought partner – he's helped us make many critical decisions. I’d highly recommend working with him!

    Nick Kenn

    Chief Product Officer

    @ Redbubble

    Aaron, what an incredible impact you've had on Redbubble. I and our heads of marketing have all benefited from your steady guidance, and you've made a significant contribution to the company's growth.


    I feel exceptionally fortunate to have worked with you and for the wealth of experience that you've brought to the team. Thank you for supporting me though the highs and lows and being a level head to consult with throughout.

    Jesjit Birak

    Senior Engineering Manager @ Redbubble

    Aaron is extremely approachable and understanding. There was never a time I felt insecure communicating with him, and genuinely felt like I was talking to a friend and mentor.

    Through working with him, my anxiety has been greatly reduced. I'm more confident in my abilities, and have learned to face challenges head on. The exercises Aaron guided me through have made an incredible difference to my mental health.

    Lauren Hahn

    Director of Marketing @ Urban Sitter

    Aaron coached me through a very difficult period in my professional life. I was absolutely miserable and ready to give up. Then I met Aaron. He helped me to strategize a plan, analyzing the feelings and motivations of others, practicing challenging conversations, and motivating me to think positively about the future beyond this period. Thanks to Aaron's coaching, I emerged from the abyss stronger and more confident in my abilities as a professional and leader. Most importantly, I feel like I've grown into a more kind and compassionate person.

    Rebecca Zarate

    Chief Marketing Officer

    @ Redbubble

    I can’t thank Aaron enough for his guidance throughout our time working together. He offered incredible support and advice around goal setting and time management, which helped me through situations that seemed nearly impossible. With his direction, I improved my communication style and gained a more confident voice, which led to greater success in my role and opened up growth opportunities.

    Rob Trostle


    @ Geologie

    Since we started working with Aaron, he's been invaluable in navigating the dynamics between the three of us. And with this, he has enabled some truly innovative work to come to life.


    I recently struggled with what felt like my co-founders micromanaging a critical design decision. Aaron provided me with a layered explanation that helped me see the situation from all points of view, and suggested an approach to navigate through it. It changed my whole perspective and empowered me to steer the project where it needed to go. To be honest, I view his guidance as critical for our success and happiness.

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